Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Couldn't find coffee but found Curry

Here is a tenuous link between the coffee blog and Steph Curry, the superstar guard for the Golden State Warriors. 

Now the Golden State Warriors had not won the NBA championship since 1976, but they won it last year. Crowd goes wild!

And this year, they've had a brilliant season. The best ever. But come the playoffs and they hit a snag. Nearly down and out, they came back in Round 3 and won the last 4 games straight to make the Finals.

And that's where our story of coffee and Curry begins. On Sunday 5th June at the Oracle Center in Oakland. 

Yep, that's it. And that's where we sat. To see the Warriors win Game 2. Not just win. They obliterated and embarrassed the famous Cleveland Cavaliers. 

And what do you do after a win like that? Do you have a coffee? No way. These fans have a party with a DJ outside the ground. All captured on TV. 

Happy days. Bring on Ohio. They won't drink coffee there either. Curry shoots baskets, not cups. 

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